Jen Has Fertility Issues

I got my first infertility “clue” at 18 years old.  My body went numb on the left side, I lost vision in my left eye, I was incapable of stringing together the words of a simple sentence, and I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that my brain was exploding inside my head.  Dramatic, right?  Turns out, it was a typical migraine headache, but the fear of the unknown landed me in the ER for a bucket full of tests.
The verdict?  My migraine headache was caused by an elevated prolactin level that most often indicates a tumor on the pituitary gland.  Several years and several MRI’s later, I met Tina Tumor, the nasty bump that lives inside of my head.
In 2009, I was diagnosed with PCOS, giving Tina a partner in conception crime.  Good times.
George and I married in April of 2010, and began trying to start our family right away.  After 11 months of striking out (George loves baseball, so using the terms acts as foreplay), we began our initial round of fertility testing.
We tried three cycles on Clomid and one Femara cycle.  Neither helped me ovulate, so we gave up on trying, and moved to New York City.  Upon settling in to the city, we made an appointment to meet with a Reproductive Endocrinologist in February of 2012.
In our initial consult, the RE performed a routine ultrasound only to discover, we were pregnant.  We. Were. Shocked.  I had some bleeding during the pregnancy, but each trip to the Emergency Department showed our baby was alive and well.  Then, at 10 1/2 weeks, we miscarried.
We did our first Clomid and HCG assisted IUI in June of 2012.  We discovered ANOTHER pregnancy, but my HCG numbers were low, and a few days after testing positive, we miscarried in what was defined as a chemical pregnancy.
We did another round of Clomid in July and got another positive pregnancy test, followed by another round of low HCG numbers and a bleak outlook on the survival of this pregnancy.  At 9 weeks pregnant, I experienced severe bleeding that continued until about 13 1/2 weeks, when it spontaneously stopped.  As of today, I am still amazed and grateful to still be carrying this baby.  A son.  A sweet little boy we have named Henry Elliott Bruno.  I’m well into my second trimester and not taking a single moment for granted.