Jen Has a Story

Here are the specifics, which I’m sure will have you on the edge of your seat.  I am in my 30’s and recently set out on the adventure of my dreams.  I moved from sunny Florida to New York City with my George and our two dachshunds.  Why?  Oh, just ’cause.  I am most certain I will be pinching myself every single day we are here.
I’m sarcastic, but sincere. I love words, cheese, dachshunds, Sharpies, and pajamas. I lucked into a marriage I didn’t know I wanted to a man who deserves someone far thinner, smarter, and richer than I.
Currently, we have waged a war against infertility and are doing our best to make a baby despite my non-compliant reproductive system.  (**Update:  We are happily, gratefully, unbelievably pregnant and due March 31st of 2013!!!***) I require polish on my toenails and a ponytail holder around my wrist before I leave the house.  I am TV obsessed, and have no shame in scheduling my life around it.  I personify ALL inanimate objects, including my pituitary tumor (named Tina Tumor), and my broken cervix (Cessily). I love nicknames and speech impediments. I could eat chips and salsa until my stomach exploded, and much to the dismay of my mother, I have NO secrets.
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