by Jen on November 4, 2012

As happens every Sunday, I woke up early and immediately grabbed my phone to research the coming attractions for our baby as he enters his 19th week living inside my stomach.  

Another week down, another weight lifted from my shoulders!

In the last week, his movements have become unmistakable.  I feel him multiple times a day, almost exclusively on my left side.  Most everything I read on the internet says my uterus isn’t high enough for me to be able to feel him in my ribs yet, but no doubt, he’s in there, twirling and twisting his day away.

I’m not having any particular food cravings.  I’m still dying for “something”, eating it like it’s going to give me wings, and then never wanting it again.  Makes eating leftovers laughable.  Makes meals expensive.  Makes George cringe.  My grandmother sent two substantial containers filled with the fudge she usually spoils me with at Christmas, but when she heard through the grapevine that Henry wanted to try her famous fudge out a little early, she had containers in the mail within the week!  That woman… is a saint.

My skin and hair seem to finally be reaping the benefits of pregnancy.  I’ve felt like a hot ass mess most of my adult-life, so never in a million years did I expect pregnancy to enhance me.  I expected I was too fat to “show” until I was two days from delivering.  I expected pale, pimpled skin, bulging veins, and dull, lifeless hair.  But truly, I feel like a million bucks!  My skin feels soft, I love every inch of my bulging belly, my hair is thicker and shinier than usual, and I feel slathered in happiness.

Am I jinxing myself?


I’ve lost weight in my pregnancy, which…. I know.  Gasp!  It’s not been because I’m not eating.  I’m eating.  Trust.  I’m healthy.  And I weigh about seven pounds less at 19 weeks pregnant than I did when I started this whole thing.  Isn’t that strange?  I’m a girl who can pack on pounds by just looking at Pinterest, yet has lost ten pounds and gained back only three in nearly 5 months of pregnancy.  I’ve talked to my OB to make sure the baby isn’t in any sort of jeopardy, and he’s not the slightest bit concerned since I was too heavy when I got pregnant anyway.  It’s just odd.  It does lend substance to the argument that my hormonal issues may have caused more weight gain than I realized.  My hormones are now that of a “normal” pregnant woman versus an abnormal non-pregnant woman with elevated prolactin and a pituitary tumor.  Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking and tomorrow I’ll start gaining weight like a fiend???

I’m jinxing again, I know.

Either way, I feel grateful for so many things.  Being pregnant in general.  Being healthy.  Being loved.  And being confident.  The feelings I walk around with every day are indescribable.  When I feel Henry move, I know he’s having a blast or is getting comfy or is playing games with me.  Each thump from the inside is reassuring and entertaining.

I’ve registered for baby supplies and have started picking out pieces that will soon become the contents of Henry’s first bedroom.  This stuff excites me beyond comprehension.

Currently we live in a one bedroom apartment on the fourth floor of a walk-up on the Upper East Side.  Our lease is up at the end of this month, and after tedious deliberation, we’ve decided that in order to expand our space and stretch our income, it would be prudent to move out of Manhattan.  The thought originally broke my heart, but in the end, our NYC dream truly began as a way to pass time until we achieved our baby dream.  Leaving the City makes the most sense.  We have put an offer on an apartment in Queens (Forest Hills specifically), but won’t know for sure if we get the place until the middle of next week.  The commute from Forest Hills to Midtown Manhattan is a 20 minute express subway trip, not extending George’s commute to work much more than 10 minutes.  Forest Hills maintains the feel of the city, meaning the streets are bustling, there is a Duane Reade and a Starbucks within a stone’s throw, the subways still hum under the sidewalks, and the conveniences are still a plenty.  Only in Forest Hills, we will be able to afford a room for our son, an elevator in our building, laundry facilities on site (not in the apartment though, as we aren’t that fancy), and my ability to take a little time off work to enjoy these long-awaited precious moments with the little boy who already rules my world.

I really fell in love with the apartment, so I’m incredibly hopeful it works out.  I shall keep you posted, of course.

I return to work this Wednesday.  The City is rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy with impressive momentum, although there is still so much damage yet to be reconciled.  If you haven’t read about this or heard about it in the news, the NYC Mass Transit Authority is astounding!  Those mofos have worked at breakneck speeds to get this place movin’ again.  I find it fascinating.  MTA employees, you deserve Oprah-style vacations once this chaos dies down.  I used to work in property management, and let’s just say the construction crews used to erect those luxury buildings could learn a thing or two about work ethic from a team like you.  My hat is off.

And my baby is dancing for you.  Or maybe that’s because of the fudge I had for breakfast?


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1 Nadine November 4, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Love the updates, and may I say you are glowing!!!! I too loved my beautiful skin tone and curly hair I never ever had in my life. Enjoy every precious second, March will be here before you know it!!!!!!


2 Tammy Bartelson November 5, 2012 at 12:12 am

I noticed that your face was thinner. I lost weight like that when pg with Shelly, because I was overweight when I started the pregnancy, too. I think several things are at play: (1) you are eating healthier as to nourish yourself and Henry (2) you are HAPPY, so you are not eating out of frustration or boredom because NOW you have achieved your goal of BEING pregnant, not trying to get there. and (3) You are busy with work, baby thoughts and happiness!! YAY!!! You will be amazed how much skinnier you are after delivery!! The pants I wore pre-pregnancy were TOO BIG right after I had Shelly!! Double YAY!!! You are doing GREAT and you look amazing! Hope the apartment deal works out!


3 Alison November 6, 2012 at 10:03 am

You are stunning. And gosh, nearly halfway, girlfriend!


4 Rach DonutsMama November 6, 2012 at 9:35 pm

You look amazing, Jen. Truly.


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