Reba Thinks I’m a Fraud.

by Jen on January 28, 2011

I love live music.  Any kind, really.  I love feeling the bass vibrate my bones and the treble tickle my ears.  I love to belt out the words like I am the headliner, so last night, I was primed and ready to meet Reba McEntire for the first time.  All conditions for success were optimal.  I took a cat nap before the show (because 30 year olds often require naps) and made it to the concert just in time to two step my ass to the second row.  I found my seat just as Reba began to sing “Is There Life Out There?”.  One of my favorites.  Perfect timing.
I nudged George in the ribs to show my excitement, and then I opened my mouth to belt it out.  Yay!  Or not.  Frick!  Vocal cords be damned.
Okay, so I wasn’t able to belt out squat.  No biggie.  I decided to mouth the words instead.  Nothing too nerdy about that.  But shit, I was on the SECOND ROW!  We were close enough to be in Reba’s bra.  What kind of a second rower was I going to be if I just mouthed the words???  She would know I wasn’t singing.  I’m not that good an actress.  Mouthing the words looks bored and I wasn’t bored!  Oh lord, I didn’t wanna insult FANCY!  I LOVE FANCY!!!  I love her teensy top lip and her big hair!  I love her songs!  I love the way she pronounces her husband’s name!  (Narvel, duh.)  Dammit!  She kept making eye contact (I swear!), so I began to over-animate my face in hopes I could  make it look convincing.  Truth be told, I think she was disappointed in me.  I know.  Shame.
I should have relocated to the cheap seats.
I didn’t feel quite the pressure to perform once George Strait hit the stage.  George Bruno took over for me then.  Husbands are legit.  And while I was excited to see George Strait, we’d seen him before.  Reba was my headliner.  Her set was incredible, but, if I’m being honest, hearing her voice beautifully penetrate the arena kind of gave me the heebie jeebies.  Not because it was bad, but because I couldn’t concentrate on much more than the visual of what was going on inside her throat.  I pictured these strained little vocal cords flapping together as fast as they could and it sort of made my neck hurt.  I know that’s weird.  But true.
Thankfully, I didn’t seem to have this issue with George Strait and was able to just enjoy the show without trying to live in his throat.  Phew.  So, I mouthed the words and listened to my George sing along with the other George with all his might.  Vocal cords just a’ flappin’.  🙂
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1 Flip Chick January 31, 2011 at 7:10 am

Funny post! I'm a big Reba fan and I was in the audience for the CMT Invitation Only concert that was on TV in 2009 (and came out on DVD last year). Interestingly enough, I *wanted* to mouth the words because I wanted her to notice me knowing the lyrics (I was in the front row) but I didn't want to hear my terrible voice at all – only Reba's! I think Reba saw you and thought, "She knows the words. She's a Reba fan." :)In case you care – if you saw the Invitation Only special, I was the one that asked the question, "Out of music, movies, TV and Broadway, which do you enjoy most?" It was amazing to be able to ask her a question and have her answer it! And that was my first time to see her live in concert, too.


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