Silent – Day 18

by Jen on January 23, 2011

Today is Day 18 of 30 in my quest to coddle my vocal cords, but more importantly, today is Day 4 of George’s Birthday Week Celebration!  Who’s excited?!?!?!?  MEEEEEE!  
Because I can’t belt out a melodic “Happy Birthday”, I decided to step up my celebratory mojo and try to compensate dazzle with daily “surprises”.  Silent ones, of course.  After all, this is George’s first birthday with a WIFE… a girl’s gotta make some effort.  The surprises have been small, silly things – but today… TODAY I’m flexing my domestic muscles and tackling an intimidating project.  I wanna tell you about it, but until I see how badly I fuck it up, I’m gonna keep ‘er a secret.  This will be my second secret of life.  🙂  (See mom, I CAN keep some things to myself!!!)  I promise to report the outcome soon, though.  (You didn’t expect me to keep a secret FOR LIFE did you???)
Their sign says: FREE Jebby’s Speech! – Silen Pup in Protest
I’m Jebby, btw.  🙂
Today’s Silent Support Group inductees come all the way from Seattle!  Meredith, my Best from the West, said she had a hard time getting this shot, as her nephew (the one on two legs, in case you weren’t sure) was upset with her for not understanding that the Zombies were trying to get her.  Since she didn’t cooperate with his “make believe”, he didn’t cooperate with her support group.  Fair enough.  In the end, she chased him around on her hands and knees, talking in Zombie voice for a while, and was finally able to finagle this photo.  Based on that face, I’d have never guessed he was uncooperative.  Meredith’s daughter, Penny (the one on four legs) is always ready for a close up.  Dogs are so much easier than kids.  
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1 Elaine VanDRiver January 23, 2011 at 8:39 am

funny blog! now i gotta read more to find out why you are resting your vocal cords! happy ICLW.


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