I Hate Attention

by Jen on January 21, 2011

Fun fact:  George turns 36 on Wednesday!  Hootie hoooooo!  Honestly, he still acts looks like a teenager with his cute self.  Minus acne.  Damn him for not having acne.  I am a zit popping, skin picking fool.  Which might be reason number 83 why I’m not yet pregnant.  Nobody wants to see me hold my thirteen year old down and go to town on his puberty pocked face.  Blackheads beware!
‘Nother fun fact:  My innards “should” be primed for a pregnancy this weekend.  I may not ovulate.  I don’t do that with much consistency, BUT, if my body does what it’s supposed to, it’s gonna be a party at our house – only we aren’t inviting anyone.  Gross.  We aren’t those kind of people.  We are extremely private. Yep.  😉
Final fun fact:  Driving in the car without being able to talk on the phone is bullshit.  Yesterday, I asked the Facebook void what audio books they suggested.  I got 803 really good ideas.  Today, I printed out my list and took it to the library.  Props to Shayna for teaching me how to use the library. (Is this confusing for anyone else?)  Anyway, my literacy high was quickly extinguished when I realized the audio book selection wasn’t “quite” as plentiful as I’d hoped.  Of my 803 good suggestions, I found two.  Better than none, right?  I ended up checking out three different books.  One with a bra on the cover because I love smut, and the other two are mystery’s.  My drive home from work was fabulous.  Thank you to everyone who offered up great ideas!  You complete me.  😉
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Final FINAL fun fact:  It is my dream to rule the world.  I got one step closer today with my very first blog “shout out”.  I seriously felt like I got asked to the prom.  I really respect Libby Logic, so I feel completely honored.  Made my whole damn day!
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1 Missy January 21, 2011 at 4:08 pm

You could try audible.com for audiobooks. They tend to have older selections, but may be better than your library.ICLW


2 Jennifer Bruno January 21, 2011 at 4:51 pm

Thanks Missy! I will definitely give it a shot. I appreciate the tip.


3 I AM ... Chance January 26, 2011 at 9:24 am

All the thing you can get from my sister… and you get AUDIOBOOKS?!?! Smh You guys are nerds lol


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