Happy 2011!!!

by Jen on January 3, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We are back from Atlanta after a Seminole win (I add that fact so my husband will love me more)!!!  (I add triple exclamation points for the same reason.)  And after sitting in Club Level seats at the Georgia Dome for the Chick Fil A Bowl, I might say I enjoyed the game!  Well, not the game exactly, more the comfy club seats, brisket nachos made for royalty, and the full liquor bar.  Wut!  After going MIA for two quarters, George came looking for me only to find me elbows deep in white cheddar queso.  I was hardly embarrassed.  
But, my obscene Mexican food compulsion has nothing to to with this post.  This post, like every other blogger’s post on the world wide web this week, is about my resolutions for 2011.  For the last trillion years, I’ve resolved to start making my bed every day.  I will resolve the same thing this year.  I have faith it will stick one of these days.  
Aside from bed making, here are my other goals:
1.  I shall respect my snooze button.  There is nothing wrong with a snooze or two.  I am drawing the line at six.  If I can’t get out of bed after six snoozes, I’m fully prepared to turn off my alarm, go back to sleep, and try again tomorrow.
2.  I resolve to revisit the mother ship.  I think I will be far more balanced if I pay homage to Gray’s Papaya once or twice each year.
3.  I promise to continue the work towards having a baby.  I will take my vitamins and drugs, be on time for appointments and chart and temp and pee and boot knock as is recommended.
4.  I vow not to alienate my husband in my quest toward the aforementioned goal.  I intend to value our marriage above everything else, and will continue to keep the secrets of our relationship and not embarrass him all over the internet.
5.  And finally, the goal I’m most nervous about…. I am going to have 200 followers by 2012!!!  I have limited control over this one… so mosey your mouse over to the left a smidgen and click the follow button.  All the cool kids are doing it!!!  Serious.
So, there you have it.  Five teensy resolutions (or six if you count bed making, but let’s be honest… that one will never stick).  None of them outrageous.  None of them unattainable (hence why I didn’t mention any weight or fitness benchmarks).  I’m most certainly going to feel accomplished at year’s end.   Thanks for the support.  What goals have you set for the year?
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1 Megan January 4, 2011 at 5:59 am

Recently The husband and I discovered a "black out" shade in our bedroom….all alarms have lost to the shade thus far..as well as our dignity and desire to wake up before 3pm.


2 Dawn @Lighten Up! January 4, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Here's to some lucky Boot Knockin' for you!


3 Jennifer Bruno January 4, 2011 at 6:19 pm

Meg: We have dark curtains too. Such a catch 22. But, I imagine even if I had runway lights flashing on my nightstand, I'd still snooze. Damn.Dawn: Thanks girl! I'm gonna make George wear a lucky rabbit's foot if we are still doing this same song and dance in 2 months! 🙂


4 Keenly Kristin January 4, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Well, now you're 1 follower closer to your goal!! Stopping by from the Mingle!Kristin 🙂Keenly Kristin


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