Our Last Un"Married" Christmas!

by Jen on February 15, 2010

George and I spent our last Christmas as singles with his family in Orange City this year, but prior to leaving Tallahassee, we experienced a faux Christmas morning at our house.
George poses with the “manly” gifts from his daughters – handkerchiefs (yes, he wanted them) and tools.

Stockings for Wieners

Sushi (www.sushipups.com)


Here are photos from our Christmas in Orange City:

Mona finds a place of refuge under the Christmas tree while she mows on a bone from her stocking.


Mona poses with Aunt Renee and Roxy.

Renee embarks on a new hobby thanks to the expertise of Lynne, Gram and Nellie. It’ll make us a good team. I’ll cook. Renee will sew. Sweet!

The women in George’s life- Gram, Mrs. DeVito, and his mutha.

They are fun. 🙂

Gram is one feisty Taboo player!

Here are a couple photos I took of Pa’s Christmas Village collection he sets up every year. I had such a good time looking at all the details and hearing the stories behind some of the pieces, so I wanted to show his handiwork. 🙂

Christmas at the beach:
King of the World

Beach Bunnies

The Race Is On!
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