Are You There God? It’s Me, Jennifer.

by Jen on June 4, 2009

After a 10 month hiatus from “all things menstrual”, I was welcomed back to the world of womanhood with a fierce dealing of cramps. Cry me a river, right? Since everyone else deals with it on a monthly basis, I feel a little silly complaining at all. The good news is my meds are clearly working, and this nausea and moodiness aren’t without a little pay-off.

I’ve been taking a medication that is supposed to help shrink my pituitary tumor, and in turn, cause periods and stop lactation. And, being that it is those very qualities that make me a hoot at cocktails parties, you can understand how bittersweet it is to actually fill the prescription. :-) But, seeing actual results for the first time, is very satisfying.

My pituitary tumor, Tina Tumor, has become just another woman in a house already full of estrogen. George refers to her anytime I’m being ridiculous or crying or raging about something. It’s his thoughtful way of making sure not to offend “me” or blame “me” for losing my marbles about silly things. Rather, he tries to reason with Tina. She brings on headaches, fuzzy vision, and of course her greatest circus act, lactation. It’s as fun as a can of frogs.

But today, with the proof of feeling like my insides are trying to reside on my oustides, I am laughing in Tina’s face. She can bite me all the way to next month. I can practically feel her shrinkin’ as I blog.
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